Hamburger of Dutch biscuits and white tripe

Everyone knows the traditional hamburger, but have you ever tasted a hamburger made of Dutch biscuits and white tripe? It may sound a bit unusual, but it is an absolute taste sensation! Combine this with a mix of mango and curry from Heinz, and you have a delicious BBQ dish you won't soon forget! Because at Barbecook, fun memories are what matters!

Hamburger of Dutch biscuits and white tripe

The Taste Of Fun

At The Taste Of Fun, it's all about having fun while barbecuing. We believe that barbecuing not only means good food, but also creating a cosy and relaxed atmosphere for everyone. Less is more and keep it simple, that's what we go for! That is why we not only offer classic dishes, but also keep looking for innovative, playful dishes. And precisely because fun is so important, in this recipe we choose the new Barbecook Nestor. Nestor is 360° of fun!

Preparation of hamburger of Dutch biscuits and white tripe

Cut the white tripe into 1 cm thick slices. Then slice the apples. Do you still need some extra space for your mise en place? Then choose the Barbecook bamboo cutting table!

To prepare the white tripe and apples, we use the Barbecook Nestor wood barbecue. Light the Nestor using some Barbecook firelighters and lubricate the grill plates copiously with sunflower oil! By doing this, you ensure that the lifespan of your BBQ is extended by years. The oil will bake into your cooking plates, providing a protective layer against rust.

Fry the slices of white tripe and apples on the hot plates of the Nestor bbq. When the white tripe is ready, you can easily remove it with the Barbecook Army green tongs.  Take a Dutch biscuit and put a slice of white tripe on it. Next, spread a little mango curry sauce on it. You can easily do this with the Barbecook marinade brush. Finally, finish off with a piece of apple. Repeat these steps until you have assembled four burgers.

Not a fan of a wood BBQ? No problem!

Do you prefer to prepare this recipe on a charcoal barbecue? Here is some information on how to prepare it on the Barbecook Magnus.

You light the Magnus BBQ using the Barbecook built-in charcoal starter. Place some firelighters on the grid above the air intake and put the charcoal starter on top. Fill the charcoal starter with high-quality charcoal to the brim. Fully open the air supply and light the charcoal barbecue. Place the Dynamic Core plancha plate centrally in the barbecue and let warm up for a while. Grill the white tripe whole on the side grid and the apples on the plancha plate. Take a Dutch biscuit and place a slice of white tripe on top. Next, spread a little mango curry sauce on top. Finally, finish with a slice of apple. Repeat until you have assembled four burgers. Enjoy!

Can't get enough?

Looking for an extra crunchy twist for your Dutch biscuits? Did you know you can heat them up briefly on the grill for that perfect crunchy texture? And why stop at one sauce when you can experiment with different flavours to find your ultimate combination? Keep surprising yourself and let your creativity run wild!

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